Vanuatu – Marum Lava Lake  

I was fortunate enough to have the world show me its secrets. This is the only form of spirituality I have. 

“Marum is Muse.

GoPro Book.

An out of context conversation with Sergi Brin.


Ecostasis Project- Build like a Tree  

The Art of Living in Balance with the Planet.

ECOSTASIS is a social performance on the stages of art, permacultural resource management, upcycling, ecology, and biology in attempts to reconcile the interior and exterior lifestyles; creating responsible objects capable of supporting healthy ecosystems, human scale energy transfers, and rekindling the awareness for our necessary interactions with the everyday planet.

The solution is actually doing less.

Abolishing the membrane between interior and exterior spaces.



Tony Royster

Quantum Pfiz – Revisions

With greater budgets and technical knowledge and the simultaneous Ecostasis project. With a drive to play traditonal lightshows in Europe. The lightshow needed to become mobile. special designed flight cases where engineered and tested in order to transport the Analog and digital assembly in whatever manner was needed. 

Light is one of the few things your cannot change. You can filter and divert, but the source is always the same. She is there. I spent year trying to harness this and ended accepting it. Live with light. 

San Francisco has little light. 

Circles Not Lines

More or a philosophy and a interpretation of meaning of life, gender and purpose. 


The simple math of a mediterranean breeze settles into currents and currents settle into seas.


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