Contextual Spherical Point Clouds Tutorial

I have wanted to create a vr video with the same point could data animated over the top for a while now. 

  1. Capture with Spherical Camera (6 or 2 lens)
    1. Trick and tips. 
  2. Run Sparse Cloud (ColMAP, Agisoft, VSFM).
    1. Settings. and Time.
  3. Run Dense Cloud (ColMAP, AgiSoft, MVS2).
    1. Settings and Processing time. 
  4. Export .ply
  5. MeshLab. Clean and Reduce points. Export ply for spalt or export mesh for Multiverse.  
  6. Spalt Generator – Script. 
    1. Refine script to make spheres. Better Looking.
  7. Animate 2D Flythough in ColMap
  8. For 360 User blender. (Also there is a particle generator method for cool animations but no color, maybe with faces.  
    1. Import PLY Splat. 
    2. Cycles render.
    3. Set camera to panoramic. Equirectangular. Set ROT 60x 0y 90z for level horizon.
    4. Animate camera path. Exact location is important including camera height. 
    5. use node >> attributes >> Col. To get vertex colors 
    6. use nodes for light intensity
    7. adjust scale for proper metric in video, so things line up. Trial and error. 
    8. alpha the background sky map. 
    9. Render at 100% 4K – 30 min a frame with 1.2 million splats. 
  9. TODO
    1. GIS integrations. Orientations, for global compass alignment, and video overlay, multiverse ect . 
    2. Motion OBJs for Multiverse AR integration. 
    3. what about camera lens warp corrections. 
    4. Make 360 contextual Point cloud music video 🙂


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