Distinguished Oxygen

On Natures Clock.

Distinguished earthquakes, of distinguished oxygen, roar offshore in sighs.

What might be said in theory might be said next to love found up around goodbyes.

A cup of purple … … … to strike the contemporary bone.


Tabasco and beera na na na.

This toast has two sides.

These and their intimate machines.

Wearing our Roman white shirts.

Consuming the wind passed up by the sail.

We will all together ferment this summers histories under the Captains hot sheet.

Crawl before blankets nite and rope to seat the spherical twins

and three trees swinging, stitches over adobe candles bend.

Zzz zzz zzz.


The Polynesian rite,

to enjoy the mystery of a fish, in a murky pond.

Stories around glass and rust and thorn we converse.


Rolling tequila bloods our beat.

Phosphor magic dances with our feet.

Wo/man takes on the mothers deep cold break.

In tributary rock, stone laden heat central we parade with warm,

and talk.

The simple math of a mediterranean breeze settles into currents and currents settle into seas.


Avinguda Gaudi, 6 4, 2 Bis Barcelona, 08025 España


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