Pregnant Object and Monkey Flowers

From Earth Closer to Venus. Semen C-Print 2008
From Earth Closer to Venus. Semen C-Print 2008


Sex with Art

Sex on Media the true nature of explicative desire, fear of death, and sexual prowess and social competition. 

Art making is a sexual act, creation is creative.

A recent talk with a friend indicated our drives from death and sex. Not contemporary but “supposed”, waiting just on the cusp of the new. I feel we create what is supposed to be and we just have to reach out a grab it. Contemporary is dated, supposed is yet to be, a history in the projected future more and more attainable with the organization of huge amounts of information. The forecast. 

A paint brush maps an intention to a medium. A drive for an embodied existence to somehow outlast his/her own. Just as the sex organs and the productions of children seem a similar endeavor. 

A slight background might explain a desperate act as such. At sixteen I under went an open-heart operation to repair a condition I had from birth designated as supra aortic value stenosis. Of the six hours of the operation my heart had been stopped for 45 minutes. Post-operation instincts have been such that an acquaintance to the nature of death is felt, purely resulting for striving of my memory to outlive a felt condition of brevity. The remedy to this condition of accelerated anxiety the creation of children in the surrogate of art.

The liquid involved in paint and photography, it unbound possibilities. A parculiarity in the production of this piece is its violence seen outside of the context of the care that was taken to produce its outcome, much like the sexual act itself. The semen was ejaculated directly on the surface of the photo sensitive paper lying on the floor, exposed to light and run through an anonymous and public chromogenic processor. The act to be washed away as the skeleton of the action developed. Yet the influence of this work dosen’t reside exclusively in the cultural affect that the C-prints will have with work that precedes it but also the chemical influence on the printing chemistry and the mixture of semen now that comes in contact with other precious moments of capture. All art is impregnated after this act. 
This is interesting because of sexual violence, and the masculine drive to conquer a domain. You would be correct to say this photograph is diagrammatic of rape, and oppression you I contest it also implies the beauties of creation, choice and the failures of technological utopian satisfaction. It is not meant to impose one thing, but how that act is meaningful to those engaged.

The whole process is an incredibly procreative act. Sticking the semen covered paper in the dark into this warm machine that through almost fully precise yet magic chemical processes that produces the birth of an image, that comes out. The pre-formative act takes place in the dark which heightens my phenomenological response through the abjection of visual stimulation. A tangible familiarity develops without the need for visual reassurance. The object became a form of my imagination.

I must be careful not to extend the metaphors of creation and birth beyond themselves, these cases but these machine are subsequent to nature.

This act in locally temporal as well, these processing machines didn’t exist until ????, and the color developing process was carried out with many more stages of influence and risk. These machines reflect the technology mindset that develop the filter we layer over our natural tendencies. Technologies inextricable links with biology and its logic.

Pornography double layer of sexuality, porno-graphic images retain the base level qualities stated in this statement, and yet allude themselves 

In short the chemicals will be changed numerous times in the future, each time lessing the residual of my DNA and conception act. Ironically The photo-paper will succumb to slight latent acid left from its acidic creation, and eventually my proactive existence will parish the same way.

Sexual acts seldom discussed can be a sudden opposition to a much deeper content, I mean by this work not to defile artist production or to render it obsolete but to expose light to a lightly discussed pillar of humanity. Where emotions an actions mix in human ways, I present it as a map for humanity. Yet as some might be suspended in disgust or awe of such a obscene and seemingly vile act, remember that every pornographic image and act done in responses to those images or films is sexual, people have been having sex with media for a long time. Earliest works of art emphasis women’s genitalia and reproductive cycles This image is pornographic but not from the traditional context of sexual commodity marketed for the viewer, but from the context of the satisfaction of the participants behind the glass or emulsion. For those uncomfortable I apologize.

Please do not take it that I am saying that men are the only capable of such expressive works nor do I push for a exclusive heterosexuality yet, I work from what I know in regard to what I don’t and me being a heterosexual male leaves room for a literal female gesture of this sort, and then a hermaphroditic interpretation, and any interpretation all valid in the interim, but bear in mind I fell that every act of creation is nested in a the sexual impulse, it is what we know. The actions of driving on the freeway, painting, a sculpture, a photograph carries a sexual perversion and lust to it, a curiosity and passion, a dominance and intimacy.


art historical references

-spiral jetty, swirls life, fractals, pinkish formal characteristics. land

-manets, wall of sexual and confrontation.

-serogate paintings

-Nan Goldin Ballad of Sexual Dependency

-vito acconci masturbation piece

-Andrea Fraser- sex tape 

-Hans Haacke condensation cube

-early venuses.


Amsterdam Inks and Urban Liguistics

Spiders Weight

The beauty in natural structures. Space flatten. The web is not exlusively of human design.


Online webpage
Online webpage

Web based replica of MOCA.org site (2009). By impersonating the official site, I was able to inject my work into the online galleries, pose as a legitimate donation site, and usurp the influence over site visitors. Project deals with identity, public and private spaces and cyber trust. Project has since been removed, a live version can be found here.


Art Finally Defined 

“Art” googled on June 3rd 2008, these are the results. 


Social Photograph.com

All my friends blah blah blah. SPS Printing facebook. Tacit desire and dopamine. 

Left Hand Right Hand


Sorry Human

Sorry human was a performance where I remebered the markup of a webpage I had made for the opening and recited it aloud. Everytime I got nervous and couldn’t remember I apologized for being human. 

The simple math of a mediterranean breeze settles into currents and currents settle into seas.


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