Burning Pfau

I burnt everything I didn’t need and somethings I did, almost 3 years worth of engineering work, with scribbles on the, lost the spherical video, and lit every firepit at ocean beach. All this technology back to the source of technology, fire. A poetic end to my life in attempts to attain and to just going for it. I burnt my sense of home to have a new one. The theme of home has been important concept in my work since 2009, but this is the point that home stops beings a concept or symbol and becomes a part of me, I am moving to be closer to Andreea. 


Always Trust Your Hand 

Always Trust Your Hand

Long duration project. 


Veinbraider Self-Portait

When you paint a portrait all things become evident in the depiction. The canvas was stretched and shared, was etched with the balance of a feather, sat in the elements, in sun, moon, became the debate, and resolved before and decided who holds the heart. Veinbraider shows up in a Marie Sioux song about life. Fate threads and guiding lights and family.

for the moon never beams without bringing me dreams EA Poe


Live Like Good Jazz (After Klimt)

No words

Nights Like Those

Racing Extinction – Empire State Projections 

“Racing Extinction” Empire State Building Projections with Obscura Digital.

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Oregon – Ecostasis Seed

40ft shipping container. I finished this. Bus. Tools Generator. Gave up materiality to sink into theft, dirt, and elements. This project just needs attention. 


Turkey and Greece

Casual Photogrammetry Investigations. 

Tower Galata - 360 Handheld
Tower Galata – 360 Handheld


My First exhibition at the Tate.

Immersive study. 

Equirectagular. 2min

Conflation between imagination, vision, balance, perception and gravity. 

This video asks the viewer to negotiate the relationship between perceived direction and the physical effects of gravity. Gravity is the context which we cannot remove ourselves it modality which we use to orient our virtual experiences with our tacit physiology. 


Foals and Foals BTS with Nabil 


Gravity play.


Pfau Pfinal Pflight

My last advanced media project at gopro spherical weather ballon. we never found it. 


GoPor VR Videos and Productions 2015 

Photograph by Daniel Sherer. 2015.
Photograph by Daniel Sherer. 2015.

The simple math of a mediterranean breeze settles into currents and currents settle into seas.


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