Ecostasis 2014

Human Metabolism and Effort are part of an energy chain, which we fight to keep in homeostasis. Can homeostasis and ecostasis co-exist. If we introduce a structure in between the sky and ground, what we capture must eventually make it back to the ground, in a way that is meaningful for lower trophic system to support us. In laymans terms if we catch all the rain and move it, the tomatoes can grow near the catchment, a re-distribution of materials. 

Constant Considerations to Logistic Energy , Material Re-Distribution and Choices.

Modual Solar Home 

Windows and Walls – Primary Purposes. 


1977 VW Bus Conversion and Solar and Water Catchment Garage

Ecoponics Tanks

Garden Table with Umbrella catchment. 

Solar Fountain Pond

Hot Shower Catchment.

Cascading Gutters


Solar Power Cabinet

Raised Bed

Hanging Fountain Rain Gutters


Compost Toilet

Leaf Mulch Insulation

5 Buckets of Waste

Vermiculture Hotel.

Water filters

Folding Solar Cart

Outdoor Studio


Aquarium window shelf 1

Aquarium window shelf 2



The simple math of a mediterranean breeze settles into currents and currents settle into seas.


Avinguda Gaudi, 6 4, 2 Bis Barcelona, 08025 España