A collection of natural ecological micro-systems to support localized resource demands and responsible material up-cycling.
Rhythms are achieved through architectural integration into the terrestrial and aerial landscape to provide energy
through thermal, mechanical, photo-electric, gravitational, and metabolic potentials.


The first thing about ecoponic is your responsibility, the macro ecosystem and logistical impact in the process required in building your integrates landscape and subsequent systems , and how it effects the immediate environment. The rain you catch should eventually make it to the ground your structure is built upon. Your resources are borrowed from the planet, in just the same way your body is. How is what you are doing impacting the remote and local environment? Revisit this often.
Ecoponic sees success as net growth and thriving of ALL species involved. The sum of bio mass should be greater in all categories.

Nature does this perfect, we don’t need to reinvent new ways to balance, we just need to support the atmospheric, environmental, and ecological balance that is the different between our extended impact as a species. The difference can be subtle because the planets in dynamic environment wholly designed by fluctuations.
The human minds incredible pattern recognition and thus ability to recombine and make patterns and structures, inevitably makes use susceptible to relocating materials en mass faster than our symbiotic counterparts, macro geological and meteorological actions can reduce and redistribute back through the biosphere at safe gradients for all invested and interconnected species.

The oceans carbonic acidification as a by product of respiration and combustion of the planets living and inanimate populations, is also a way to reset and dissolve the foundation of a evolved energy chain, rooted in a specific PH that seems to be fluctuating outside of thresholds required by global ecological homeostasis. Materials get reduced and then recombination happens. Fire breathing metal bionics, for locomotion and mechanized mass production of consumable needs to be considered as retro-fitting the planet as only suitable for our bionic tools.

A base substrate, the access to land, water and air, and the acquisition of the evolved complex of inhabitants, perils into the force and persuasiveness politics of the human survival in relation to other humans. Inherently innate and amplified by interactions, survival is ultimately justified by a trail of reason through the reciprocal of a distilled moral and social code. Is every inhabitant capable of sharing the hardships of reduction to an consumption equilibrium, in recognition of a global threshold that must be shared and not exceed? Are you willing to still feel hungry after dinner? Removed that the store only sold you just enough, and replace it with the idea of you didn’t get enough rain so your potatoes under yielded, do you feel more responsible for your hunger? What if everybody caught the rain that was for the river. Again we must revisit that we are responsible for our immediate and macro ecological well-being, the river drys because we all borrow and don’t return.

Support the regenerative populations of species that provide necessary resources in an order that is on the human and human procreative scale.
Moving beyond this bodily threshold requires additional tools and energy, and becomes a situational derivative of ones reliance on what ones immediate environment can provide, we lose connection to the life providing state of that local ecosystem and thus the macro-system due to elaborate surrogates of own ecological support, piping in a remote water sources and paying for it disconnects the scope of consumption from the act.

It might not be possible to remove ourselves from these surrogates of support at this time, but the coverage could be compressed to something more manageable by the consuming parties.
For example, moving the nutritional characteristics of food into a currency and currency into a compounded substitute for exchange in gaining metabolic energy, therefore removing currency would require using metabolic energy to be focused at least just enough on food production in order to break even on the energy expended. Then work on surplus from there. What it instills in a responsibility to ones avenues of energy consumption and waste management. Economics are important as it helps us communicate and relate un relatable between us humans, it is so effective in fact that it can place a layer, or several layers of virtualization on our perception of our existence here on this planet, and relationship with it physicality. Enough money can get you to the moon.

We are in a situation now where we have to back out on the roads we’ve built to carry us here, we have to put the combustion engine in reverse, and become honest and clever on looking behind us through the turns and elevations in order to make decisions that ensure that the road we are no longer looking down is getting longer and further in the distance. Maybe we must even walk out.
We can adapt, we can take the same intent for effort and work seen in industrialization and growth for reforestation and patio produce. We can find the satisfaction in ice freezing and ocean life returning to abundance with the same wonder and fascination of immediacy, data, and connectivity. We can be confident enough to rely our own sense of how things are doing by judging our own affects.
We are here because we can exist on the planet, the planet has the capacity to support human life.

The simple math of a mediterranean breeze settles into currents and currents settle into seas.


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