Mike Pfau

GoPro VR Videos and Productions 2015

This year the world saw immersive content take a place in mainstream experiences.

I am not quite sure when my involvement for spherical media began. During art school I remember making sketches of holographics projectors and mused upon what types of video I would need to make them work. My first day a GoPro, back when it was at the Half Moon Bay office I was introduced to multi-camera engineer Tim Macmillan as a fellow bearded wizard. So this is a history of a device, practice, and medium this is a history of the GoPro Omni or as we lovingly called it "shippy".

Our multi-camera efforts could be described in five flavors. 3D. Array camera. Spherical Camera. Stereo Panoramic Camera. Hyperfocal. 



GoPro + Kolor 

French based software company headed by Alexander Jenny had been working at automated solution for a while. After a couple of visits and meeting, the acquisition was set. 


We had been capturing footage for three years by that point. Lions, hyenas, dolphins, whales, volcanoes, but spherical was always a secondary priority on camera launch shoots. So we would grab a couple shots and then put the camera away. 


Kevin Custer, Sam Lazarus, Jim G, Brad S, Tim M , Andrew Ganzon, Daniel Sherer   


Anthony Walsh + Tahiti + Barrels real GoPro in VR

Hello Facebook! What would be the best GoPro Spherical shot. Barrels of course. Anthony had always pushed next level ideas as a camera man and surfer and Tahiti was gorgeous, lets put them together. 


GoPro + Foals with Nabil Elderkin

First BTS. Teaching. Jordan Music. 

Racing Extinction + Obscura + NYC

First video I made happen. I had two motives. 

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Inside the kitchen with Josh Skenes

Had a dinner with long time friend Yasin Ait and his friend Josh. at the time we were looking for new media to shot for facebook launch. San Francisco 

GoPro Odessy + Google Jump 

Hello Raceway!

Hello NYC!


American Pharoe - Triple Crown Winner

You get one shot at this how do you guarantee 2D content and 360? Multi-million dollar horse. Finnicky trainer, all hell breaks loose in weather. 


Artist VR - Goodbye GoPro

I needed a freeform scenario to investigate VR.

Pfau's Pfinal Pflight - GoPro Advanced Media - Spherical Weather Ballon - unrecovered.