Mike Pfau

States of Reality

DRAFT: States of Reality is a collaborative documentary effort. The idea is to leverage two facts. One is that content creator have already burned the dinosaurs travelling the world for incredible content, every content creator has a little moment to contribute. The second fact is that the spherical camera that shoots virtual reality content is intrinsically objective. The camera record the beauty and the bloodshed all in the same frame, in other words there is no pointing the lens. For this documentary, this inherent "truth" is especially critical and it shows the beauty in the world and the trash and suffocating human intervention present. I have been to several beautiful locations only to been discouraged by the amount of people in my frame, I decided to go with it and thus "States of Reality" was born. 

A major difference between this documentary and other documentaries is how it is viewed. In an interactive immersive environment the audience makes the decision on when to cut a where the cut leads. Also the documentary is elastic and can grow over time.  Look here to my artist statement for multver.se for more information.

I will be exhibiting this project at major film festivals and creative exhibition around the world.  

This project is organised by the mixed-reality content platform I have been creating under the working title "Multverse".

If this project interest you and you wold like to participate or support please send me an email or visit our GoFundMe page.